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Aesthetic Affectivity Reconsidered

Weimar, Germany, September 15-16, 2016 (organizers: Christiane Voss and Angelika Krebs)

Emotions and Conflict,

Pisa, Italy, February 3-5, 2016 (organizers, Alessandra Fussi, Edward Harcourt, Anthony Hatzimoysis)

The Meaning of Moods,

Basel, Switzerland, December 8-10, 2015 (organizers, Angelika Krebs and Heleen Pott).

Love and Time

Galilee, Israel, March 22-24, 2015 (organizer, Aaron Ben-Ze'ev)
The opening panel from the workshop on Love and Time.

Hosted by Oshrat Kotler, TV News editor and presenter. With;

Prof. Aaron Ben-Ze'ev, University of Haifa, Department of Philosophy. 

Prof. Angelika Krebs, University of Basel, Department of Philosophy.

Prof. Moshe Almagor,  University of Haifa, Department of Psychology. 

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