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Call for Registration - Pre-Conference Workshop 2023

Pre-Conference Workshop of the 10th Annual Conference of the European Philosophical Society for the Study of Emotions

Call for Registration - "Emotions – More Like Stars or Constellations?”

Organized by Heidy Meriste, Bruno Mölder and Uku Tooming

University of Tartu, Estonia, June 14, 2023

Are emotions more like stars, or are they more like constellations? That is, are they natural kinds, unified by some objective feature out there in the world that is independent of human conceptualizations, as often advocated by more biologically minded researchers? Or are they subjective kinds dependent on human conceptualizations, as psychological and social constructionists would argue? This is the fundamental question around which the workshop revolves, along with the implications that the kind-status of emotions has for choosing proper methods for the study of emotions, and the role of philosophy.

Confirmed speakers:

Charlie Kurth, Western Michigan University / University of Helsinki

Juan R. Loaiza, Universidad Alberto Hurtado

Cecilea Mun, Purdue University

Bruno Mölder, University of Tartu

Peter Zachar, Auburn University Montgomery

Registration is open until June 1:

Further inquiries:

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