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The Meaning of Moods

We are glad to announce that the new volume of Philosophia on "The Meaning of Moods" is out! The editors are Angelika Krebs and Aaron Ben-Ze'ev.

You can download the articles of the volume 45, issue 4, December 2017 on Springer's website: Table of contents:

Preface Angelika Krebs and Aaron Ben-Ze'ev The Nature of Stimmungen Otto Friedrich Bollnow Stimmung: From Mood to Atmosphere Angelika Krebs The Embodied and Situated Nature of Moods Giovanna Colombetti

Situating Moods Dina Mendonça Changing Moods Hagi Kenaan Moods in Layers Achim Stephan Moods Are Not Colored Lenses: Perceptualism and the Phenomenology of Moods Francisco Gallegos Representationalism and the Intentionality of Moods

Anthony Hatzimoysis Outline of a Non-Deliberative, Mood-Based, Theory of Action

Erik Ringmar

Does Loving Longer Mean Loving More? On the Nature of Enduring Affective Attitudes

Aaron Ben-Ze'ev Latent Moods in Heidegger and Sartre: from Being Assailed by Moods to Not Conceding to (some) Moods that Assail Us Simone Neuber From Faint Mood to Strong Emotion: Merging Heidegger and Sartre?

Daniel O'Shiel

Moods Between Intelligibility and Articulability. Re-Examining Heidegger's and Hegel's Accounts of Affective States

Lucian Ionel

Moods as Groundlessness of the Human Experience. Heidegger and Wittgenstein on Stimmung

Lucilla Guidi

On Calmness

Friedrich Kambartel

Correction to: Buddhist Meditation as a Mystical Practice Hans Julius Schneider Mystical Feeling and the Process of Self-Transformation

Ruth Rebecca Tietjen Why bad Moods Matter. William James on Melancholy, Mystic Emotion, and the Meaning of Life Heleen Pott Collective Modds. A Contribution to the Phenomenology and Interpresonality of Shared Affectivity Nina Trcka Moved by Masses? Shared Moods and Their Impact on Immoral Behavior Eva Weber-Guskar

Gaining Perspectives on Our Lives: Moods and Aesthetic Experience Susanne Schmetkamp

Mood, Delusions and Poetry: Emotional 'Wording of the World' in Psychosis, Philosophy and the Everyday

Owen Earnshaw

Against Branching Identity

William A. Bauer

Epistemic Uniqueness and the Practical Relevance of Epistemic Practices

Marc-Kevin Daoust

A Dilemma For Eternalist

Brian Garrett

Sensitivity has Multiple Heterogeneity Problems: a Reply to Wallbridge

Guido Melchior

Attention, Emotion, and Evalutative Understanding

John M. Monteleone

Invideo et Amo: on Envying the Beloved

Sara Protasi

An Account of Earned Forgiveness through Apology

Cristina Roadevin

Analytic Pragmatism and Universal LX Vocabulary

Richard Samuels, Kevin Scharp

A Patchier Picture Still: Biases, Beliefs and Overlap on the Inferential Continuum

Sophie Stammers

Knowledge Transmission and the Internalism-Externalism Debate about Content

Casey Woodling

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