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Lisbon taxis are cheap: fares are calculated on the basis of an initial flat charge, currently 2€. If luggage is carried (bigger than 55x35x20cm) a further 1.6€ is charged. The call-out is charged at 0.80€.From the airport to most locations in central Lisbon should not cost more than 10€ plus any baggage and call-out charges. Meters are displayed in all licensed taxis so the fare should not come as a shock. Tips are voluntary: 10% is the norm.Lisbon local taxis charge 25% more after 9pm and on weekends (using rate 2 rather than rate 1). The fare outside of the city is calculated on a km basis upon leaving the city limits, about 0.40€/km, and any motorway/bridge tolls are paid by the client. When taking a cab, try to enquire about the price to your destination first. Save your receipt and check if the license plate matches the receipt details. See if the meter is running and rate code is correct.



If the waiting line for the taxis in front of the arrival terminal is excruciatingly long, go back inside, walk one floor up to the departure terminal, exit the building and you will most probably see lots of taxis waiting for you.



Autocoope - Taxis de Lisboa: +351 217 932 756 (

GEOTAXI: +351 218 444 400 ‎

Taxis 7C: +351 934 959 169 / +351 966 346 030

Taxitours + 351 964 120 673 (

Rádio-táxis de Lisboa: +351 218 119 000

The Aerobus service provides regular transfer connection between Lisbon Airport, several central points of the city, bus & railway stations. This shuttle stops at the major hotels and works daily from 7am to 11pm, every 20 minutes. Tickets may be purchased onboard and cost 3,50€ for all-day travel.


The nearest stops to the University (Universidade Nova) are Avenida de Berna, Campo Pequeno, and Praça de Espanha.For further information, please visit:




The following buses (listed by route number and terminal stops) also serve the airport stop and the area of the University. Tickets may be purchased onboard and cost 1,50€.


22: Portela – Aeroporto – Marquês do Pombal 44: Moscavide/Qta. das Laranjeiras – Aeroporto – Cais do Sodré 83: Portela – Aeroporto – Amoreiras (weekdays only) 208: Est. Oriente – Aeroporto – Cais do Sodré (night only) 705: Est. do Oriente – Aeroporto – Est. Roma/Areeiro (weekdays only) 745: Prior Velho – Aeroporto – Est. Sta. Apolónia


Important: In the regular CARRIS buses only luggage with maximum measurement of 50x40x20cm is allowed. If you have larger luggage you should use the Aerobus and Aeroshuttle buses

METRO - Metropolitano de Lisboa

This is one of the easiest ways to get around Lisbon. The airport line is the red line. Accessible and relatively cheap, the metro has four main lines: 

yellow (Rato - Odivelas) - green (Cais-do-Sodré - Telheiras) - blue (Santa Apolónia - Amadora Este) - red (S. Sebastião- Aeroporto)


NB: the stations closest to the University are São Sebastião (blue line) and Campo Pequeno (yellow line).



Before hopping on the metro you must buy an electronic ticket, either Viva Viagem, and charge it up. The card itself costs 50 cents and can be bought at the ticket office or using the vending machines. Keep the receipt after charging the card as it may be useful if you need to change a damaged card. A ticket exclusively for the metro can only be charged up to €20. You can check your card balance using the machines, choosing the option: carregamento/leitura


Tip: recharge your card with the approximate number of trips in mind, as you get a small bonus each time you charge it with more than €5.


A single ticket (1 zone) costs €1.40 and is valid for one journey, after validation. A one-day ticket Carris/Metro costs €6 and is valid for an unlimited number of journeys throughout the Carris and Metro networks for 24 hours after validation.


Metro info:



The first trains leave 06:30 from the terminal stations of each line; the last trains leave at 01:00 from the terminal stations of each line.

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